Pet’s Patio is a Secure Enclosure for Small Pets. Used with    a Doggie Door, Pet’s Patio allows unlimited access to the outdoors while providing an Enclosed Safe environment for your small Pet. Made from durable and lightweight PVC material. Pet’s Patio assembles in just minutes with NO TOOLS REQUIRED!!






No more getting up in the middle of the night to let your Pet out.


Perfect for “Indoor Cat’s” to lounge outdoors.


The ideal solution for your Smelly Litter Box.


Great for "House Cats".


Keeps Unwanted Critters from entering thru the Doggie Door.   Keeps your Pet from  wandering away.


Versatile /Expandable/Portable/Washable Weatherproof.


Allowing your Pet to observe the Outdoors or to Relieve  Themselves without Bothering You while providing an environment Safe from Predators or Worries of Straying.


Pet Owner’s sleep in! Be gone All day and be Worries Free!!!

Your Pet is self sufficient in a Safe, Secure environment.


Designed and Created by a Pet Owner. Pet’s Patio resolves

the issue of leaving your Pet locked inside the house all day!


Pets easily adapt to the Relaxed and Safe

environment of  the Pet's Patio!


Reduces Pet’s Anxiety!!!


Made in the  USA. Patent Pending.

Pet’s Patio is a safe and comfortable enclosure for small pets