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Pet’s Patio was  created and designed by Pet Lovers, with  the goal of providing a safe and comfortable enclosure for small pets and Peace of Mind for their owners at an affordable cost.


A recent coyote attack on a neighbor’s small pet prompted an idea to allow pets to use a “doggie door” at will, with safety and protection of a full outdoor enclosure.


While refining the Pets Patio prototype, they realized how often their pets used the “doogie door” during the night to relieve themselves. Very convenient! A more important observation realized while using the Pets Patio was that when they were at work or away, their dogs could enjoy or interact with the outdoors, playing, relaxing and having NO accidents indoors, from being locked inside all day! Just imagine not to having rush home from work every day or worrying about being gone too long  to let the dogs out. No more coming home to clean up after the pets! Pet's Patio is also a solution for keeping unwanted critters from entering your home through an unprotected “doggie door”.


The Pet's Patio design is Pet Friendly and Welcoming. Pet's Patio encourages independence for your pet in a safe, worry free environment. Pet's Patio is also the solution for that smelly Litter Box. Your cats will adapt easily to

their new accommodation. Indoor cats can finally

experience life beyond the great indoors

safely and securely.


The Pet’s Patio is easy to assemble and requires,

NO TOOLS! It’s made from a durable and lightweight solid

PVC material and is Washable, Expandable,

Portable and Versatile! Great for traveling with

your pet.


“Pet's Patio” is a family owned business and is

manufactured in Southern California. Our pets are

our family and deserve nothing but the best!


Pet’s Patio is a safe and comfortable

enclosure for small pets